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Calvary Outreach Ministries International - School of Ministry has been training inmates and officers of the Zambia Correctional Service formally known as Zambia Prisons Service at Mwembeshi Maximum Correctional Facility. This is in line with the transformation of the institution from prison to Correctional Facility.

On the 11th April 2018, Calvary Outreach Ministries International - School of Ministry had 48 inmates and 1 officer graduating from the School of Ministry with a Certificate in Church Ministry. The ceremony was graced by:

The Guest of Honour Hon Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance - Hon Rev Sumaili

Guest Speaker - Pastor Blessen Cherian from Dubai.

The Chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia - Bishop Paul Mususu

Deputy Regional Commander - Mr Mike Sakala

Calvary Outreach Ministries International Presiding Bishop and School Coordinator - Bishop Allan Kalepa

And many other invited members of the Clergy from Prisons Fellowship of Zambian.

The church later in partnership with Pastor Blessen Cherian donated the music instruments, a pulpit and a borehole to Mwembeshi Maximum Correctional Facility. These were sourced through the church in Dubai which Pastor Blessen pastors and his partners.

This was the first graduation ceremony of inmates from the prisons in the history of Zambia.

God bless Zambia.



We are inviting those who have a passion for the ministry but do not have somebody to fulfill their dream through training or mentorship. On completion of the one year program in our school of ministry, Outreach Department will help you start and pioneer a branch/church in your area to its full establishment. The School of Ministry first sitting begins on 2nd November to 7th November 2015. Preference is given to our brethren in rural areas. Please contact us by phone or email.

16/03/15 General Conference in Lusaka

The Mission will be hosting the General Conference in Lusaka at the new site. The conference will begin on 2nd April 2015 and end on 6th April 2015. The theme of this year's conference is "WALKING INTO MY DISPENSATION OF GRACE."
All Calvary Mission Centres and the public you are invited to this important conference in your life time. Among the subjects which shall be taught respectively in this conference are as follows:
Host Bishop Allan Kalepa - Empowerment for Ministry.
Rev David G. Lungu - Maximising the potential in you.
Pastor Ritah Z. Moyo - Managing your Finances.
Pastor Senoritha Horases - Excellence in Ministry.
There will be great ministry by all the departments of the Mission. Its free.

10/03/15 Mission tour to Samfya

The first Mission tour in the year 2015 by the Presiding Bishop was undertaken to Samfya in Luapula Province. It is a 10 hours drive from Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. The town is known by its large water bodies namely Lake Bangweulu and the great Luapula river. The longest known bridge Mukuku or commonly knowns Tuta connects the province to the rest of Zambia. Its about 1.5 kilometres across the Luapula river and the Tuta flats. The town has great potential for tourists attraction both local and foreign. It has the best fish of so many types.

Calvary Outreach Ministries International has four branches within the district. We are busy catching the precious fish for the Kingdom of Heaven. There are all sorts of lives to be won for Jesus just has the water bodies have all sorts of fish for relish. God loved this attractive world and send His begotton Son to die for the precious people of Samfya!

The Sunday church service message by Bishop Allan Kalepa to the congregation at Samfya central was from Matthew 10:38,39 "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." The Bishop said,

• Know for certain that Jesus calls us to be more loyal to Him than to any human being.
• understand that discipleship means submitting your own interests in favor of God's and;
• recognise and anticipate that personal discipleship and commitment to Jesus can result in division and rejection.

We were over whelmed by the number of people who were brought for prayers in the house of our Overseer Rev Francis Chola Ngandwe for prayers. Jesus healed and delivered them all from spiritual bondages. Those who were brought on bicycles with help of their relatives went back walking by themselves without any help - JESUS has healed them.

24/12/14 Meetings Over the Christmas Period

Christmas Church Service at all our Missions on 25th Dec from 09:00 to 12:00 hrs, Cross overnight on 31st December. Launching of vision on 4th Jan 2015. All are welcome.

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