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30/04/14 Your Time of Being Established Conference

The General Conference for 2014 which was hosted under the theme "YOUR TIME OF BEING ESTABLISHED" was very succesful. The following Ministers were received into the Mission:

Rev G.D Lungu, mama Rev Albertina Lungu, Pastor Teddy Nsakanya, Prophetess Deborah Mpende, Pastor John Success Simusamba, mama Pastor Beatrice Simusamba, Evangelist Garry Lungu Pastor Elijah Mwila and Pastor Winstone Nyirenda.

Through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Elder David Difrance Kinama and Elder Florence Kinama were appointed pastors.

The conference delegates were encouraged to emulate the church in the book of Acts which devoted itself to apostles teachings, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread from their homes and had all things in common (Acts 2:42-47). Calvary members should demostrate real Christian stewardship entrusted by God. Amen.

07/04/14 General Conference

We are hosting the General Conference and you are all invited.

Theme: "Your time of being established" (Job 22:28)
Venue: Moomba Primary School, Great North Road, Lusaka, Zambia.
Dates: 17th-20th April 2014
Speakers: Bishop Allan Kalepa (host), Rev/DrAndrew Mumba, Rev/Dr Tambatamba, Pst Senorida Horases (Namibia) and Patrick Oriongo (Uganda).

08/02/14 News on Branches

(a) the former Matero Mission Centre has changed its name to Rehoboth Mission Centre (Gen 26:22).

There is a mighty wave of revival at the centre after the change of name. Reverend G.B.Lungu and his family have joined the centre and the Mission. This has given more stability to the centre in his pastoral skills over the time.

(b) Pastor Silas Mutende is leaving for Namibia on 10th February 2014. he shall be based there to start the pioneer works in Karibib, Otjiwarongo and Windhoek.

The entire Mission should support him in prayers and finances to the glory of God's Kingdom.

(c) Sister Sharon Nyirenda who left Lusaka for Kalabo with her family is busy with deliverances within the communities. Many people are being delivered and healed through the phone prayer connection. The church is about to start meeting in sister Doreen's home.

(d) The pioneer work has been established in Kafue and the outreach centre is meeting every Sunday for worship. Pastor Festus Mutende will take care of the centre until the time she will join her husband in Namibia.

(e) Finally, we are in Luangwa, the outreach centre has been opened under the care of Rev. G.B.Lungu. The cross has to be lifted higher that nations may be saved. Glory be to God Almighty.

29/01/14 Intercessors Seminar - 24th-25th Jan

The intercessors seminar was very successful with renewal appeal and commitment to repair the walls and the stand in the gap for the nations and all men (1 Tim 2:1; Eph 6:18).

It is emphasized here that God is looking for a man who would make a wall and stand in the gap before God on behalf of the land that He (God) should not destroy it (Eze 22:30-31). The way of standing in the gap is by repentance, prayer and reformation.

The gathering was encouraged to throw away an erroneous idea in Christianity contemporary that intercession is only for a special class of super-Christians called to prayer. The Bible is clear that all Christians are called to be intercessors (Rm 8:26,27). This is a command to all not a privilege limited to an exclusive Christian elite. In fact not to intercede for others is sin (1 Sam 12:23).

16/01/14 Intercessors Workshop in Lusaka

All Ministers and Intercessors of Calvary Outreach Ministries International are invited to an Intercessors Workshop from 24th to 25th January. The workshop will be hosted in Moomba Primary School in Lusaka Zambia. Arrival is on the 24th January at 17:00 hours.