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Calvary Outreach Ministries: Vision For The Year 2020

Calvary greetings in Christ Jesus' Name.


It is always wonderful and magnificent to come in God’s presence and hear Him talk to us about His will according to the running of the Mission. Every meaningful spiritual leadership seek after the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit. In this season, this is what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to His Church Calvary Outreach Ministries International on the theme of the year 2020:
The theme for the year of the Lord 2020, it is herewith declared as, “THE YEAR OF EXPERIENCING A SUPERNATURAL DRIFT FROM LIMITED TO UNLIMITED GRACE.” The following Scripture is in line with what the Spirit of God is saying to His Church in this regard, Calvary Outreach Ministries International and those who are connected to its established ALTAR serviced under the Mission: Isaiah 43:19, “Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (NKJV); 1Corinthians 3:22-23, “whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or things present or things to come – all are yours. And you Christ’s and Christ is God’s” (NKJV); Ephesians 2:8-9, “For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast” (NKJV);

We have crossed from the year of “Victories and Breakthroughs” in accordance with the Holy Scriptures from 1John 5:4, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith” (NKJV) and; Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you” (NKJV).
The victory and the breakthrough cannot come without conquering in combat, decision, challenge and faith. This separates the champions from the losers! Yes 2019 was a year of battles and challenges, where positive decisions were to be made and applied with faith to overcome and break through and emerge victorious. It was a year to arise only through and by the glory of the Lord.

In the cleansing of His church, much of evil and wickedness was exposed in Calvary and the Body of Christ at large. I have articulated more on this issue in the report for the year 2019.

Yes indeed 2019, was a year of Victories and Breakthroughs as to all the six (6) prophetic declarations came to pass.

Brethren, with this understanding under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the Lord is saying to us:
And I prophetically decree and declare that this year 2020;
- There is a mighty wave of spiritual revival awakening the Body of Christ
- There will be a great hunger and thirst for the spiritual food – Word of God
- Righteousness and Holiness will return back in the Church of Jesus Christ
- Massive Evangelism and Church planting will take the centre stage
- The limiting barriers which are strongholds in life, marriages, businesses,
career, ministry, relationships etc are to be broken down.
- Individuals believers will move in unlimited favour that on whatever they will
step or lay on hands they will be successful and prosperous.
- There will be a supernatural release of riches in the struggling economies around the world.
Our immutable and faithful God will fulfil this vision 2020 according to the theme given by His Spirit as He has always made the past six visions coming to pass as to His leadership and direction.

The Lord our God, has come through for us as Mission after overcoming the world and its battles by our faith that we may experience unprecedented grace and favour in all endeavours in confirming to His covenant that indeed we are truly His son and daughters called by His name.

Major Activities:
10 - 12th April 2020 Easter Conference
6 - 10th May 2020 General Conference
9 - 15th November 2020 Unifire Conference

Land and Buildings - term projects:
We are appealing to well wishers to come on board and help us in building the sanctuaries for our 13 branches. We have acquired land and we need your support to build the infrastructure at a total cost of US $89,650.
This includes the Calvary Trust School for pupils from early childhood to secondary school.

Other Ministries to partner with:
- Prison Outreach Ministry
- Children's Church Ministry
- Youth Ministry
- Community Outreach Ministry
- Evangelism and Missions
- School of Ministry

God bless you as we partner together for the Kingdom of God.

Bishop Allan Kalepa

Calvary Outreach Ministries: Vision For The Year 2018

Calvary greetings in Christ Jesus' Name.


Brethren, I bring good tidings for yet another season in the Lord’s calendar of our Mission Calvary Outreach Ministries International. The good tidings should bring true reflections in our lives and the Mission.

Finally we have scored our fifth anniversary as a Church and all in all we can only testify of God’s grace, goodness and love upon us. Calvary Outreach Ministries International is one of the fastest growing churches since its registration globally. One no can take the merit but only God should be given the praise and the glory. It should be very much noted that the church is growing under the grace and God’s grace has brought us this far. 
The Holy Spirit has unified us together and has always gone ahead of us in outreach and church planting and great is His faithfulness.  

Silence in God’s presence has birthed this vision for the year 2018. And it should be embraced by all leaders and members of our Mission Centres who faithfully through the leadership of the Holy Spirit subscribe to our biblical fundamental beliefs and practises as a Mission.

Every prophetic vision is for an appointed time. The Lord God has set days and seasons and herewith, I declare the following to be the VISION for this appointed time and season of the year 2018. It’s clearly and plainly written down that he or she may run with it who is reading it and that is you.


During the time of our ministers retreat, the Lord visited us at the mid of the night whilst we were praying in our tents respectively which we pitched outside in the dark. Each one of us in our respective tents had a phenomenal encounter which I cannot fully express here. 

Then the Word of the Lord came to me saying, “I am the Lord your God sending a mighty wave that will stir and raise the sea waters which will hit the seashores for a great harvest. The fish and living creatures from the sea will be gathered on the seashores for the church.

This is the wave sending revival on the Mission Centres and gathering for formation of other centres. People will gather and gather until they remain with no more room to hold the gathering I am sending upon them and My Church.” Amen.

In our tent we had an illumination light for over an hour and we just busted into tongues and started thanking God for the great harvest. And I continued to say great harvest, great harvest, and great harvest several times.

Brethren, with this understanding under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the Lord is saying that:

The year of the Lord 2018, it is “THE YEAR OF GREAT HARVEST.”  

Hence, under this guidance we are standing by the Scripture from the Book of Luke chapter 5 and verse 6, which reads; “And when they have done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking” (NKJV).

The theme for the previous year 2017, “The Year of Fruitfulness and Multiplication”
 in accordance with the Holy Scripture from, Leviticus 26:9, “For I will look on you favourably and make you fruitful, multiply you and confirm My covenant with you” (NKJV), cannot pass without giving all the glory to God Almighty for His faithfulness and unchanging love towards His people according to His promises. I believe, we all have testimonies to share with others unless otherwise. May God be praised forever and ever – HALELLUJAH. ALL THE GLORY BE TO HIS NAME. 

I prophetically decree and declare for this year 2018:

• Your harvest is greater than ever before
• The abundance is readily available for your gathering
• You are gathering much that your territory can not contend any more
• Your place is too small for the gathering God has released in this season
• There will be unusual gathering to the extent of inviting others 
• You are sharing the gathering with your neighbours
• The Mission Centres will have overspills from this much gathering  

Our immutable and faithful Lord will fulfil this vision for 2018 according to the theme given to us by His Spirit as He has always made the past visions coming to pass as to His direction.

Brethren, we are in the ”season of Great Harvest” and the Lord God is bringing it to pass in our lives and in His church, Calvary Outreach Ministries International in confirming His covenant that we are His sons and daughters. 


All Mission Centres are requested to participate in all the activities and events as outlined herewith in our Mission Calendar for 2018:

January 2018
• 7th  Thanks Giving Church Service
• 7th Launching of 2018 Vision
• 7th to 28th Spiritual Encounter
• 27th to 28th Overnight Prayers -  Break the Spiritual Encounter

• 4th Ladies Fellowship Sunday Church Service
• 11th Youth Fellowship Sunday Church Service
• 13th Children’s Church Sunday Church Service
• 25th Men’s Fellowship Sunday Church Service
• 30th to 2nd April Easter Holiday 

• 9th to 27th Schools of Ministry (Zambia)
• 23rd Christian Expo Conference (Namibia)

• 3rd to 6th Annual General Conference (venue Head Office)

• 20th to 22nd Ladies Fellowship Conference (Venue Lusaka)

• 6th to 8th Lusaka Unifire Conference (venue Heroes Stadium)

• 9th to 12th Lundazi District Conference
• 16th - 19th Youth Fellowship Region Conference (Venue Ndola)
• 23rd – 26th Luapula District Conference
• 30th – 1st September Kapiri Mposhi District Conference

• 27th – 29th Mens Fellowship Conference

• 29th to 4th November Ministers Personal Retreat

• 30th Cells Farewell Parties

• 2nd Ministers Appreciation Day
• 25th Christmas Church Service
• 31st Cross over overnight prayers

January 2019
• 6th  Thanks Giving Church Service
• 6th Launching of 2018 Vision
• 6th to 27th Spiritual Encounter
• 26th to 27th Overnight Prayers – Breaking the Spiritual Encounter.

Calvary Outreach Ministries: Vision For The Year 2015

Calvary greetings in Christ Jesus' Name.

This marks the third annual vision to be shared with the Mission membership and the public at large. Every prophetic vision is for an appointed time. The Lord God has set days and seasons and herewith I declare the following to be the VISION for this appoint time and season of 2015. It is written down clearly and plainly that he/she may run with it who is reading it.


The year of the Lord 2015, we are declaring it as the year of "WALKING INTO MY DISPENSATION OF GRACE."

This is the fifteenth (15) year in the millennium and the numeral numbers five (5) and ten (10) in Scripture have a very special meaning thus as follows:

• 5 - Signifies God's grace and power.
• 10 - Signifies perfection of power, law, judgment, understanding and order.

The number 15 (fifteen) in the Bible means "rest or opening a door to enable you enter into your rest season." The fifteenth day of the first Hebrew month (Abib) is the first day of the feast of Unleavened Bread (Lev 23:6-11), a day of rest for the children of Israel. The fifteenth day of the 7th Hebrew month (Ethanim) begins the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23:34) which is also the day of rest or coming into the presence of God.

There were fifteen (15) bars in all, holding on the foundation of the Tabernacle and they were placed five (5) on each side; north, south and west. This speaks of the "grace and power" of our God. The Lord Christ Jesus, when He ascended gave five (5) ministry gifts to the Church for the purpose of;

(a) Perfecting (bringing to maturity) the Saints.
(b) For the work of the ministry
(c) The edifying of the Body
(d) Till we come to the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God
(e) To the perfection of man - the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13).

We are coming from the year 2014 of "Being Established" into the year 2015 of "Walking into my dispensation [permitted] of grace."
The Spirit of the Lord Has made us to stand on the following Scriptures in regard to the declaration of the theme for the year 2015:
Psalm 84:11 "For the Lord God is a sun and shield. The Lord will give grace and glory no good thing will He withhold from those who walk upright" (NKJV).
Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing will be impossible" (NKJV).

I prophesy to those who are walking uprightly in the permitted year of grace 2015, that God's grace and glory shall overshadow you through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and;
• Great and new doors of success and prosperity are opening in your life.
• That which has been impossible shall be possible.
• Your territory is being extended.
• All that which has been stolen and lost shall be recovered.
• That you shall remain ticked for God's favour.

Brethren, I am seeing the Mission growing at a rapid speedy this year! God is restoring and reviving those who had faint hearts in the year 2014.


The following are the major activities on our Calendar for the Mission respectively:


• 4th - 18th Thanks Giving Church Services in all Centres.
• 18th Big Sunday Launch of Vision 2015.


• 27th - 28th Men's Fellowship Region Conference.
• 9th - 21st School of Ministry for Zambian Students


• 1st Children's Church Service
• 8th Ladies Fellowship Church Service
• 15th Youth Fellowship Church Service
• 22nd Men's Fellowship Church Service


• 2nd - 6th General Conference, Lusaka, Zambia.
• Graduation of the students from the School of Ministry


• 29th - 31st London, United Kingdom, Region Conference
• School of Ministry


• 26th - 28th Uganda and East Africa Region Conference
• School of Ministry


• 10th - 12th Ladies Fellowship Region Conference
• 10th - 12th Children's Church Region Conference


• 14th -16th Youth Fellowship Region Conference


• 6th -8th Namibia Region Conference
• School of Ministry


• 25th Christmas Church Service
• 31st Cross over overnight prayers

January 2016

• 3rd Thanks Giving Church Service
• 3rd Launching of 2016 Vision


The Mission is encouraged to walk in uprightness in order for the vision to be fulfilled. Further, wise leaders understand that a vision must be received with patience (wait for it), has an appointed time and is often delayed (it tarries) but its fulfilment will be certain.

May the gracious Lord God who makes all things possible to those who believe in Him and walk in uprightness shower you with His blessings and favour in His year 2015 as together we reach the nations.


Bishop Allan Kalepa